A Mum I Admire: Anna aka Bubs 2 Bikinis

I started following Anna on Instagram after she commented on one of my posts, her handle is @bubs2bikinis and she was posting at home workout videos while her newborn babies chilled out watching her. She had a much smaller following then, a few thousand and now it’s over 71 thousand! I obviously wasn’t the only person to admire her tenacity and strength. Now she is pregnant with number 3 and still gets up and does her thing daily to help keep her body and MIND strong. Which is something she talks about often, this isn’t just about being fit and toned but the exercise helps keep her mind fit and healthy, which is needed when you have twins to run around after!

I have never featured another mum on the blog and I’m not sure if this will be a regular thing, but I just have so much admiration for Anna that I wanted to ask her some questions about health, family and pregnancy. Enjoy.

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Botox That Stops You Clenching Your Jaw?!

I’m a big time jaw clenched and grinder, it gives me headaches and is terrible for my teeth. So when I visited Caci Clinic last year for my lip fillers and they mentioned that Botox could be a solution to that problem I was amazed, I had never heard of Botox being used that way. But of course once I knew it all made sense, Botox would weaken and reduce the size and power of those muscles. Added bonus? It also helps to slim your jaw line, for someone like myself with a very round face that was a nice little add-on.  Continue reading “Botox That Stops You Clenching Your Jaw?!”

Curious About Lip Fillers? Follow Me Through The Process – Video

In July last year I had lip fillers for the second time. I first had it done when I was 21 and the results were hideous (duck face) and scared me off it for 9 years until I talked to Caci about my fears and they promised they wouldn’t make the same mistakes… and they didn’t. I recently was due for a top up, a little bit earlier than the average person as my Auto Immune Disease, Alopecia,  naturally metabolises it faster. If you don’t know, filler is Hyaluronic Acid which occurs naturally in the body, hence why you metabolise it and it slowly dissolves.  Continue reading “Curious About Lip Fillers? Follow Me Through The Process – Video”

Fly-Tot Review

If I were to tell you there was an easy way to get your kids to sleep COMFORTABLY in economy on a commercial flight would you believe me?

Well I found it, Fly-Tot, and it is genius. So much so every flight attendant on both our fights to and from LA were amazed with it and couldn’t believe they hadn’t seen more people using them.  Continue reading “Fly-Tot Review”

The article that left me in tears

I came across this article today and everything in it rung so true to my first year with my boys, except I felt it times two.  As I was nearing the end of the article I had tears streaming down my face.

I had kind of forgotten/locked away in the depths of my memory the images of babies constantly screaming, as those memories are so painful to think about.  They were my darkest days, long never-ending days of sorrow, pain, confusion and guilt. Guilt that our experiences with the boys, the IVF, constantly vomiting with Hyperemesis, pre term labour, NICU and then the collic & reflux that made my bonding experience with the boys a really long and tough road.  Continue reading “The article that left me in tears”

Kids Calcium Booster Smoothie Recipes

Calcium, one of those things I have always thought about since becoming a mother. We aren’t cereal eaters so the boys would have two daily bottles of milk as toddlers – sometimes three when it was a bad day and a ‘bot bot would chill them out – was something I was glad they drank to help them get enough calcium for their growing bones. I was surprised though when I was recently introduced by Fonterra to the concept of calcium banking. I didn’t even realise – stupidly as it is so simple. In childhood and adolescence we need to deposit more calcium into our bones each day because this is when our bones are getting bigger and stronger. It is the biggest window of opportunity to build those bones up, so it’s something to concentrate on. Read on for some of the Nuggets favourite smoothie recipes.  Continue reading “Kids Calcium Booster Smoothie Recipes”