Yogurt, Yogurt, Yogurt – the nuggets are obsessed

Food & snacks, a common theme that my Snapchat and Instagram followers wanted to hear about, when I first mentioned I would start doing this whole blog thing again. You asked and I deliver, this is my go to snack and the boys dessert most nights, its something I have been doing for quite a while now and the boys love it! Not only is it simple, but its pretty easy on the wallet too, win win! 


If your kids are anything like mine then they LOVE what we call “Sucky Pouches” the pouches filled with yogurt or pureed fruit, they are easy snacks to keep on hand, taste delicious and are pretty mess free (except when they decide to put them on the floor and jump on it to watch it squirt everywhere!). We love them and still buy our favourite combos from Only Organic but after a while, it can end up being pretty expensive. I realised I could use my old Kai Carriers that I used to store the boys baby food in as a reusable sucky! Genius – that’s what I thought I was when the penny finally dropped on this one.

Snacking on the go last Halloween

Kai Carriers are a NZ owned company that make great re useable BPA free packaging AND you can clean them in the dishwasher, easy peasy! As I said, I used to freeze or keep the boys pureed foods in these. That way I could squirt out different amounts of all types of veggies and fruits to make a new flavour for breakfast, lunch or dinner when they were still baby nuggets.

At first I used to the Collective pouring yogurt to fill them up, it’s about $6 for a 1 litre bottle of it, super easy and much cheaper than the $2 they charge for the yogurt pouches. Then I got sent an Easyio yogurt maker and I have since become hooked with making our own yogurt! There are so many flavours and they are really really easy to make. We are all about making life easy in this household so I wouldn’t do anything that took too much of my time up! P1040887

It’s very simple, fill up a container with the yogurt mix, add water and place it into a giant thermos type container with boiling water. Done! You leave the mixture for up to 12 hours, but we leave it for a little bit less than this so the yogurt is a runny consistency and easier to get into the packages.

Now obviously I wasn’t the only person to realise this was a legit thing to be doing, as I was just given a reusable “sucky pouch” that Easysio have launched by my bff and the nuggets god mother Julia,as she had been sent one. Apparently you will be able to buy these at supermarket stores soon but I haven’t seen them yet. As you can see they are obviously a bit more visually appealing to my two as Hunter absolutely LOST HIS SHIT that he didn’t get to have this fancy new sucky pouch!

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Cue tears, screaming and trying to wrestle it off his brother. Finally I made him calm down when he realised it still was the same yogurt they loved in his old Kai carrier. Obviously my reasoning skills were at and all time high that day as it’s usually pretty hard to bring a nugget back from the brink of meltdown mode! All the mamas out their with toddlers will totally get that, so I think I will pat myself on the back/pour myself a celebratory glass of wine for that one!


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