All About That Park Life

When I was pregnant someone told me that I would need to “run my two boys like dogs” as they have so much energy. I thought it was a funny way to describe tiring your children out but now, two years on, I TOTALLY get it! If I could have my two on a leash and ride a bike while they ran next to me I would!

The boys have so much energy so we spend a lot of time at parks, trying to do just what that person told me, run them out like dogs. However one problem, I try to choose parks in the middle of fields or far from roads as my two kids like to run in different directions. The Rocket Park, whilst epic is right on a main road! Not a good place for this mama to venture solo with the boys. So that’s why I get pretty excited when I find fun new parks, with lots of equipment to keep them entertained for at least an hour….and even MORE excited when I find one that is gated in! I repeat, fully fenced but massive park! I can not have to be as paranoid about keeping my eyes on both at once, but not be confined in some tiny pip squeak park they are bored with in 10 minutes. So i hit the holy grail when we tried our Madills Farm Park in Kohimarama this morning. I even did a little happy dance in the car when we pulled up and I saw it in all its glory. I want to play at this park myself, it is that good!

We live in Grey Lynn so this is a bit of a trek for us but it was so worth it. It is massive for a fenced in park! Almost the size of a rugby field! IT had so many different climbing structures, huge closed in slides, swings, trampolines in the ground, and even a tiny little playground for the really little kids! There is heaps of grass and picnic tables around the outside for you to sit on and a bike path that goes around the outside! It really is a park that is for all ages, I saw 1 year olds loosing their shit over the baby slide and tweens climbing this massive spider web structure at the back.

I snapped a bit of it on my snapchat and got so many requests as to where this magical place was I thought I should take some shots and put it up here for all your Auckland mamas to check out.

The Nuggs had so much fun for over and hour working their way around all the different areas and are now tucked up in bed where they have been asleep for 2 hours! My two are usually strick 1.5 hour sleepers so I am totally putting they nice and long sleep down to the park. Thanks Madills Farm! Next time you are out that way make sure you check it out, it is totally worth the trip and we will be going back there soon!


Area for the little little ones


Boys loved this in ground tramps – so did I!


See that big red climbing structure behind the swings – that was covered in tweens and had swings and hammocks hanging off it


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