Botox That Stops You Clenching Your Jaw?!

I’m a big time jaw clenched and grinder, it gives me headaches and is terrible for my teeth. So when I visited Caci Clinic last year for my lip fillers and they mentioned that Botox could be a solution to that problem I was amazed, I had never heard of Botox being used that way. But of course once I knew it all made sense, Botox would weaken and reduce the size and power of those muscles. Added bonus? It also helps to slim your jaw line, for someone like myself with a very round face that was a nice little add-on.  Continue reading “Botox That Stops You Clenching Your Jaw?!”

Curious About Lip Fillers? Follow Me Through The Process – Video

In July last year I had lip fillers for the second time. I first had it done when I was 21 and the results were hideous (duck face) and scared me off it for 9 years until I talked to Caci about my fears and they promised they wouldn’t make the same mistakes… and they didn’t. I recently was due for a top up, a little bit earlier than the average person as my Auto Immune Disease, Alopecia,  naturally metabolises it faster. If you don’t know, filler is Hyaluronic Acid which occurs naturally in the body, hence why you metabolise it and it slowly dissolves.  Continue reading “Curious About Lip Fillers? Follow Me Through The Process – Video”

Osmosis Colour – Review

About a month ago I visited the Osmosis headquarters and was schooled in their new beauty line Osmosis Colour, well I shouldn’t say new, as it isn’t, but for some reason I hadn’t come across it which is weird as I know all about their skincare range. Madness I tell ya!

The collection is mineral based and I have fallen in love with it more and more from the day I started wearing it. Where to start? Continue reading “Osmosis Colour – Review”

Beautiful Beauty Gifts

Christmas time, a time for connecting with family and friends, eating, drinking and being grateful for our wonderful lives…AND all the beauty brands release their holiday collections. I LOVE the holiday collections, they are usually packs of adorable minis, limited edition prints, products and colours, makeup bags and general awesomeness. That’s totally a word! Here are a select few of my favourite gift sets this season. Plus a giveaway for one lucky reader. Continue reading “Beautiful Beauty Gifts”

Race Day Ready – Video

Host the Melbourne Cup lunch at Ostro? Hell yes! Jay and I went to the Melbourne Cup last year and had the best time. Naturally we were really excited when we were asked to host this event, but the first thing that went through my head was what to wear, dress, head-piece, make up and hair? First world problems I know.  Continue reading “Race Day Ready – Video”

Master Your Makeup

A few weeks ago I got to attend a M·A·C Technique class and it was all kinds of amazing. I learn visually, which is why the new interactive app and class is a game changer for those who want to see and experience the best tips and tricks in an intimate setting with the best M.A.C Makeup Artists.

There are 13 different technique focuses and I’m sure their is something that someone starting out to a seasoned pro will enjoy.

unspecified Continue reading “Master Your Makeup”