Fly-Tot Review

If I were to tell you there was an easy way to get your kids to sleep COMFORTABLY in economy on a commercial flight would you believe me?

Well I found it, Fly-Tot, and it is genius. So much so every flight attendant on both our fights to and from LA were amazed with it and couldn’t believe they hadn’t seen more people using them.  Continue reading “Fly-Tot Review”

All About That Park Life

When I was pregnant someone told me that I would need to “run my two boys like dogs” as they have so much energy. I thought it was a funny way to describe tiring your children out but now, two years on, I TOTALLY get it! If I could have my two on a leash and ride a bike while they ran next to me I would!

The boys have so much energy so we spend a lot of time at parks, trying to do just what that person told me, run them out like dogs. However one problem, I try to choose parks in the middle of fields or far from roads as my two kids like to run in different directions. Continue reading “All About That Park Life”

Pregnant With The Nuggets

I have been putting off writing this blog. To be completely honest my pregnancy wasn’t much fun at all, in fact I kind of hated it. I was really sick so writing this feels like re living it and it’s something I try to forget. But here goes, as I know you would like to read about it. So I will put your needs before mine. Don’t say I’m not good to you.

Here goes it….
Continue reading “Pregnant With The Nuggets”

Keeping Those Tootsies Cosy

So let’s face it, winter is on its way. I’m such a summer girl and I’m sad that those long dreamy summer days are gone…but I do get excited over the prospect of filling up the boys wardrobe with winter goodies! That’s one the best things about growing children, new wardrobes I get to fill each season (kidding, kind of). Burden on the wallet, but oh so much fun to do. Can you tell I’m a bit of a shop-a-hollic?

So first thing that was on the agenda was keeping The Nuggets toes warm with some Ugg boots. I have pulled together some of my favourite options available below, both high and low price range so there is something for everyone! Continue reading “Keeping Those Tootsies Cosy”

Yogurt, Yogurt, Yogurt – the nuggets are obsessed

Food & snacks, a common theme that my Snapchat and Instagram followers wanted to hear about, when I first mentioned I would start doing this whole blog thing again. You asked and I deliver, this is my go to snack and the boys dessert most nights, its something I have been doing for quite a while now and the boys love it! Not only is it simple, but its pretty easy on the wallet too, win win!  Continue reading “Yogurt, Yogurt, Yogurt – the nuggets are obsessed”

Where to start?

Sooooo I’m here, glass of wine in hand with some awful TV on in the background deciding what should be my first proper, proper post should be. I know there is the I’m Anna Reeve one, but that doesn’t really count.

Ok, lets start at the almost beginning, I say that as I’m starting at the beginning of Jay and I, as that’s the beginning of The Nuggets and they are what have led to this, my blog, Anna (yip I’m that un creative I just named it after myself, so clever…right?!)  Continue reading “Where to start?”