A Mum I Admire: Anna aka Bubs 2 Bikinis

I started following Anna on Instagram after she commented on one of my posts, her handle is @bubs2bikinis and she was posting at home workout videos while her newborn babies chilled out watching her. She had a much smaller following then, a few thousand and now it’s over 71 thousand! I obviously wasn’t the only person to admire her tenacity and strength. Now she is pregnant with number 3 and still gets up and does her thing daily to help keep her body and MIND strong. Which is something she talks about often, this isn’t just about being fit and toned but the exercise helps keep her mind fit and healthy, which is needed when you have twins to run around after!

I have never featured another mum on the blog and I’m not sure if this will be a regular thing, but I just have so much admiration for Anna that I wanted to ask her some questions about health, family and pregnancy. Enjoy.

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The article that left me in tears

I came across this article today and everything in it rung so true to my first year with my boys, except I felt it times two.  As I was nearing the end of the article I had tears streaming down my face.

I had kind of forgotten/locked away in the depths of my memory the images of babies constantly screaming, as those memories are so painful to think about.  They were my darkest days, long never-ending days of sorrow, pain, confusion and guilt. Guilt that our experiences with the boys, the IVF, constantly vomiting with Hyperemesis, pre term labour, NICU and then the collic & reflux that made my bonding experience with the boys a really long and tough road.  Continue reading “The article that left me in tears”

Weaning two boob loving boys

Weaning was something I was worried about but looking forward too all at the same time. After a few initial bumps in the road I found the process of breast-feeding reasonably easy, but didn’t really enjoy like a lot of mums do. The boys were two hourly feeders for a long time and I felt like I constantly had them attached to me, for them then to go and puke all that milk back up – thanks reflux! I basically felt like I was on a roundabout of feeding that I couldn’t get off. So after 6 months I was done with it, I wanted to get to a year but it just wasn’t something that made me happy anymore.  Continue reading “Weaning two boob loving boys”

Boobs, Boobs, Boobs

I have had quite a few requests for a blog on my experiences breast feeding and since I like to please, here it is. One thing we need to cover off before I get into the nitty gritty of breast feeding, is I have implants. Not a secret, it’s been written about in magazines before, talked about on TV in a really embarrassing reality tv show I did when I was in my early 20’s, but I haven’t talked about it recently. Since the Nuggets have arrived I have a new group of followers/readers and you probably weren’t aware. For the people who knew I had them, that’s usually their first questions when we talk about breast feeding. How did you breast feed when you have implants? Continue reading “Boobs, Boobs, Boobs”

Go the Fuck to Sleep Part Two

What the actual fuck is going on right now with the Nuggets sleep? Well I do kinda know, they are playing with the idea that they don’t want to nap during the day, but they/we aren’t ready! They refused one the other day and 1.5 hours later were fast asleep on the couch!  The reason why I only kinda know, is they haven’t slept through the night in months! This was when they were still happily napping during the day. So I feel like there is somehow two separate issues going on right now? Continue reading “Go the Fuck to Sleep Part Two”

Presenting Takes A Village – A bloody good night out

I have been hinting in my Snapchats about working on something awesome…I can finally tell you all about it! My fellow mum blogger Rebecca and I were discussing how we wanted to collab on something, she came up with the idea of a panel event where we would talk about all things motherhood with nothing off-limits. I spoke to my BFF Julia about it as she had recently finished a Women’s Wellness event series and thought she could give us some tips on where to start. Lets just say the stars aligned as she said her and her sister Libby were wanting to do another tour focusing on family health and nutrition. We figured we should roll it into one big travelling event series/ an excuse to hit the road all together for two weeks, and that’s how Takes A Village came about. We will be visiting 7 cities around NZ and hope to see a lot of you there! Click read more for all the event details.  Continue reading “Presenting Takes A Village – A bloody good night out”

Go The Fuck To Sleep

Have you heard about that “storybook” Go The Fuck To Sleep? That’s how I have felt all weekend about my children. Pretty much muttered it under my breath yelled it at almost all sleep times for the past 4 days. The boys are usually OK sleepers. Ok in the fact they can self settle (but don’t always choose to do it) and generally sleep through the night (just not recently). But they aren’t long nappers, never have been, and are early risers. The latter of which I am sadly not.  Continue reading “Go The Fuck To Sleep”