4 Years Of Bliss – A Look Back At The Day I Married My Soul Mate

14th December 2012 – The day I got to marry Jay, my soul mate.

Jay and I fell in love hard and fast, I had never experienced anything like it. He was my everything and I was a better person for being with him and vice versa. It’s funny how a love like that makes you whole, I can’t remember what it’s like to be without him my life and everything in it just made more sense with him by my side, he lifts me up, makes me a better version of myself, is my biggest fan and supporter but also helps me be independent and stand on my own two feet.

In honour of our anniversary I thought I would share a visual blog on our wedding, because you know what I’m like, if I start writing it will go on forever as there is just too much to say about the day. Continue reading “4 Years Of Bliss – A Look Back At The Day I Married My Soul Mate”

Osmosis Colour – Review

About a month ago I visited the Osmosis headquarters and was schooled in their new beauty line Osmosis Colour, well I shouldn’t say new, as it isn’t, but for some reason I hadn’t come across it which is weird as I know all about their skincare range. Madness I tell ya!

The collection is mineral based and I have fallen in love with it more and more from the day I started wearing it. Where to start? Continue reading “Osmosis Colour – Review”

Breakfast Bun On The Fly – Recipe

As a mum of two young and rambunctious toddlers I’m always looking for easy, but delicious breakfast option for the Nuggets, Jay and I. I personally try to avoid Gluten where possible, looking like I’m pregnant with a second set of twins isn’t fun, and that’s how gluten affects me. Flat tummy one moment, painful bloated one the next.
So when Vogels got in touch about their new gluten-free wholemeal buns I was happy to try them out and whip up a recipe, if you can even call it that as its so easy. This is a take on one of our friend’s dishes they served us when I was pregnant, they called it Ghetto Satay Eggs and it’s delicious and easy peasy.

Continue reading “Breakfast Bun On The Fly – Recipe”

Beautiful Beauty Gifts

Christmas time, a time for connecting with family and friends, eating, drinking and being grateful for our wonderful lives…AND all the beauty brands release their holiday collections. I LOVE the holiday collections, they are usually packs of adorable minis, limited edition prints, products and colours, makeup bags and general awesomeness. That’s totally a word! Here are a select few of my favourite gift sets this season. Plus a giveaway for one lucky reader. Continue reading “Beautiful Beauty Gifts”